Dongqing Zou

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In this paper we propose a novel alpha matting method with local and nonlocal smooth priors. We observe that the manifold preserving editing propagation [4] essentially introduced a nonlocal smooth prior on the alpha matte. This nonlocal smooth prior and the well known local smooth prior from matting Laplacian complement each other. So we combine them with(More)
We propose a novel edit propagation algorithm for interactive image and video manipulations. Our approach uses the locally linear embedding (LLE) to represent each pixel as a linear combination of its neighbors in a feature space. While previous methods require similar pixels to have similar results, we seek to maintain the manifold structure formed by all(More)
This article presents a novel approach for 3D mesh labeling by using deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). Many previous methods on 3D mesh labeling achieve impressive performances by using predefined geometric features. However, the generalization abilities of such low-level features, which are heuristically designed to process specific meshes, are(More)
We introduce a method of sparse dictionary learning for edit propagation of high-resolution images or video. Previous approaches for edit propagation typically employ a global optimization over the whole set of image pixels, incurring a prohibitively high memory and time consumption for high-resolution images. Rather than propagating an edit pixel by pixel,(More)
This paper presents a novel 3D shape surface deformation method with local and nonlocal guidance. It is important to deform a mesh while preserving the global shape and local properties. Previous methods generally deform a surface according to the local geometric affinity, which leads to artifacts such as local and global shape distortion. Instead, our(More)
With the increasing availability of high-resolution images, videos, and 3D models, the demand for scalable large data processing techniques increases. We introduce a method of sparse dictionary learning for edit propagation of large input data. Previous approaches for edit propagation typically employ a global optimization over the whole set of pixels (or(More)
Representing video events is an essential step for a wide range of visual applications. In this paper, we propose the event sketch, a high-level event representation, to depict the dynamic properties of video events composed of actions of semantic objects. We show that this representation can facilitate a novel sketch based video retrieval (SBVR) system,(More)
First principles calculations are performed to study the transport properties of H or H2 edge-hydrogenated zigzag silicene nanoribbon slices with 6 zigzag chains (6ZSiNR) as well as OH or O edge-oxidized 6ZSiNR slices connected with H-terminated 6ZSiNR electrodes. We mainly focus on two configurations: symmetric edge modification and asymmetric edge(More)
Obtaining an appropriate dictionary is the key point when sparse representation is applied to computer vision or image processing problems such as image restoration. It is expected that preserving data structure during sparse coding and dictionary learning can enhance the recovery performance. However, many existing dictionary learning methods handle(More)
Similarity measuring plays as an import role in stereo matching, whether for visual data from standard cameras or for those from novel sensors such as Dynamic Vision Sensors (DVS). Generally speaking, robust feature descriptors contribute to designing a powerful similarity measurement, as demonstrated by classic stereo matching methods. However, the kind(More)