Dongqiang Jia

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With the nonlinear and unbalanced loads and high penetration of distributed generations connected into the power distribution network, some deteriorative influences such as poor power quality and stability issues have been caused. Static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) and another custom power device, electric spring (ES) are competent for solving these(More)
Nowadays, the design of the supercapacitor equalization circuits is a hot topic for researchers, but most literatures focus on the topology of the equalization circuits, and few pays attention to the characteristics analysis of voltage equalization circuit in supercapcitor modules. In this paper, quantitative analysis of the influence of the dispersion(More)
This paper describes the basic principles of flywheel energy storage technology and flywheel UPS power supply vehicle structure and principle. The Application state in Beijing power grid protection is analysed by portable multi-channel synchronous power quality tester. The test results show Flywheel UPS power supply vehicle has good performance, which can(More)
Aiming at potential interaction between power grid and DSTATCOM, the paper firstly derives and analyzes the harmonic impedance of DSTATCOM, which is not only related to PLL control, but also deeply affected by the voltage control of DSTATCOM's DC bus and reactive power compensated by DSTATCOM. Then the paper illustrates harmonic resonance between power grid(More)
Custom power devices are a set of devices designed to protect customers' loads from power line disturbances. One class of custom power devices is the series-connected device (SC), such as dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) and series active power filter (SAPF). Recently, downstream fault limiting function of series custom power devices have been proposed and(More)
The operation of micro-grid based renewable energy usually considers efficiency and economy in comprehensive. The control strategy based on master micro-source (MS) constant voltage constant frequency (CVCF) networking is introduced. The voltage and frequency of micro-grid is established by the master MS, and the slave MS operated on the maximum power point(More)
Custom power park is an industrial/commercial park that integrates state-of-the-art power quality devices. The power quality devices can be classified into two catalogues: voltage quality enhancement devices and current quality enhancement devices. In order to meet the requirement of large capacity, high reliability, high flexibility in both the voltage and(More)
When power grid voltage sag occurs simultaneously with some other power quality problems, it will be necessary to install a variety of power quality conditioners. In order to effectively analyze potential interaction resulted from combined operation of the series and shunt compensation devices with no common dc bus. This paper has deeply derived the(More)
Flexible HVDC technology has got widespread concern in the world and has a broad application space in the fields of large capacity clean energy connecting and power grids interconnection. In this paper, the application status and technical advantages of flexible HVDC technology were summarized, the system structure and control strategy of flexible HVDC were(More)
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