Dongqian Kong

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This paper focused on formulating high-performance curcumin spray-dried powders for inhalation (curcumin-DPIs) to achieve a high lung concentration. Curcumin-DPIs were produced using wet milling combined with the spray drying method. The effects of different milling times on particle size and aerodynamic performance were investigated. The curcumin-DPIs were(More)
In this study, aspirin (AS) and isosorbide 5mononitrate(ISM) sustained bilayer tablets were developed by wet granulation and compression technique, the influence of the contents of PVPP on the dissolution of AS from the tablets was investigated. An orthogonal experiment design was used to optimize ISM sustained release layer. The tablets were tested for(More)
BACKGROUND The current study aimed to investigate whether the novel folate (FT) modified nanoparticles (NPs) co-loaded with docetaxel (DT) and curcumin (CU) (named as FT-NPs) could enhance the delivery efficiency to tumor compared with the NPs without FT (non-targeted NPs). METHODS FT-NPs were successfully formulated in this article. In vitro cytotoxic(More)
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