Dongping Qian

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The research on real time fruit quality detection with machine vision is an attractive and prospective subject for improving marketing competition and post harvesting value-added processing technology of fruit products. However, the farm products with different varieties and different quality have caused tremendous losses in economy due to lacking the(More)
This paper describes an approach to digit recognition for the serial numbers on the Chinese currency banknotes. The approach consists of a number of components including image preprocessing, image binarisation, morphological filtering, segmentation, feature extraction and digit recognition. The approach was examined and tested on 5000 banknotes with 4000(More)
This paper has developed a new-type groundwater dynamic auto-monitoring system based on Smart Device. The system adopted Smart Device as host computer of data acquisition, used Windows Mobile which was prevalent operation system of Smart Device now, software development environment Visual Studio.NET 2003, and C# as the developing language based on .NET(More)
Image processing technology is more commonly applied to such fields as virtual reality, biological medicine and permeates rapidly through agricultural scientific research. This paper described a linear appraisal system for analyzing dairy cow types based on image processing, which consists of hardware design, software design, realization of characters click(More)
The super-resolution (SR) method is a method which used a sequence of low-resolution images (LR)to restore a frame or a sequence of good high resolution images (HR). Based on the characteristic of the micro-displacement between a sequence of low resolution images, to deduce the gray iterative expressions. Two improved methods are arisen from the method; it(More)
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