Dongping Ma

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A novel hybrid-genetic-algorithm process in multi-objective parallel mode (NHMGA), operated for tracking a 2-period-BP model-mapping, supported by optimally equipped Grid-computing framework, is proposed. This NHMGA is specially designed for personal on-line and real-time bio-information modeling which is successfully applied in soft-sensing of(More)
A novel structure of dynamic BP neural network (NDBP) with quick-time-variable real-time training-algorithm based on the modern dynamical control theory is developed in the CAD-grid 2# (“China-Austria-Data-Grid”-cooperation-project) and CEFSP 20080 5# (Chinese Education Foundation Science Project) and proposed in this paper. This NDBP suites(More)
Fingerprint-Spectrum (FS)-Similitude (FSS)-Estimation (FSSA) is a key stage of medicine services and manages, which decides the truth, reliability, accuracy, safety, and availability of a medicine product. During developing this method people have meat problems such as too large data-volume, 2-dimensional (x-and y-axis)-float, complicated disturbance, and(More)
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