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Cytochrome P450 (P450) assays use probe substrates to interrogate the influence of new chemical entities toward P450 enzymes. We report the synthesis and study of a family of bioluminogenic luciferin acetal substrates that are oxidized by P450 enzymes to form luciferase substrates. The luciferin acetals were screened against a panel of purified P450(More)
A novel hybrid-genetic-algorithm process in multi-objective parallel mode (NHMGA), operated for tracking a 2-period-BP model-mapping, supported by optimally equipped Grid-computing framework, is proposed. This NHMGA is specially designed for personal on-line and real-time bio-information modeling which is successfully applied in soft-sensing of(More)
The paper presents the architecture of the MAS-based distributed fish disease diagnosis expert system on the basis of the analysis and summary on the characteristics of the existing distributed fish disease diagnosis expert system. That gives full play to the MAS-based distributed computing and to build flexibly. For heterogeneous knowledge sources of the(More)
Fingerprint-Spectrum (FS)-Similitude (FSS)-Estimation (FSSA) is a key stage of medicine services and manages, which decides the truth, reliability, accuracy, safety, and availability of a medicine product. During developing this method people have meat problems such as too large data-volume, 2-dimensional (x-and y-axis)-float, complicated disturbance, and(More)
A novel structure of dynamic BP neural network (NDBP) with quick-time-variable real-time training-algorithm based on the modern dynamical control theory is developed in the CAD-grid 2# (“China-Austria-Data-Grid”-cooperation-project) and CEFSP 20080 5# (Chinese Education Foundation Science Project) and proposed in this paper. This NDBP suites(More)
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