Dongning Jia

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Internet of Things is not only a platform for communication between people, but also it provides the real-time information exchange between things and things, people and things, things and people. With the popularity of the internet of things, the application services are increasing. However, those services are usually based on the user's location(More)
Cloud Computing is a recent technology trend whose aim is to deliver computing utilities as Internet services. Many companies have already offered successful commercial Cloud services including SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. But those services are all computer-based and designed for Web browsers. Currently there is no Cloud architecture whose purpose is to provide(More)
Cloud computing has attracted more and more attentions due to its ability to deliver computing utilities as Internet services. Many industrial companies have successfully applied their Clouds with different technologies and architectures. But the existing Clouds are all computer-based and designed for Web browser. In this paper we propose a Cloud(More)
The residential gateway plays a significant role in a Smart Home, which connects the home network and the public network. There are various gateway architectures for the Smart Home. With the development of Cloud Computing, it is hoped that Smart Home can merge into the Clouds to provide more services and get more information provided by the Clouds. In this(More)
With the rapid development of information technology, the household electrical appliance industry quickly gets into the digital age. Although the intelligent TV provides users with more and more programs, its structure has become increasingly complex. In such situation it is more difficult for users to find the appropriate programs. The existing(More)
The development of mobile terminals, 3G and networks, has brought strong momentum and broad prospects to the development of applications based on mobile internet [1][2][3]. On the other hand, users hope to get the information they want at anytime, anywhere through mobile devices rather than relying on a PC. This paper puts forwards an e intelligent(More)
Food safety events occur frequently due to kinds of reasons. Thus to build an aquatic product traceability system is imperative. Many countries have already established food traceability system. However, existing solutions can not be applied directly in the aquatic product traceability system because of a set of requirements. According to the particularity(More)
Application development for mobile computing devices has been greatly developed. The design of user interface is a complex and time-consuming job. In a pervasive computing environment, the program might be shown in different kinds of mobile computing devices. So an efficient method of interface development has become necessary. In this paper, we analyze(More)
With the development of wireless communications and mobile computing technology, information science and technology brings the great impact on all aspects of life. Nowadays with the rapid development of the electronic government (E-Government) and the widespread use of mobile technologies (M-Technologies), such as mobile phones, PDAs (Personal Digital(More)