Dongnian Cheng

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The bottleneck of NetFlow is the memory access. To solve this problem, we propose continuous reading and writing method whose efficiency reaches 90% or more. The single parallel multi-linked lists method used to handle the inactive timeout flows is based on the continuous reading and writing method. Theoretical analysis and experimental results show that(More)
Content-centric Networking (CCN) is a novel paradigm for content distribution with name based routing. However, the basic CCN routing scheme is not efficient for content retrieving and resource utilization. Based on the announcement of cached content in routers, we present a new content routing fashion called shout-cut routing, which enables routers to(More)
This paper presents an extension of BGP4 based on trust model. Specifically, we first establish a trust model appropriate to evaluate ASes' trust degree toward its neighbors in two ways, direct observations and recommendations; Secondly, the trustworthiness of every AS path advertised is estimated iteratively by utilizing the trust degree of ASes; Finally,(More)
Although benefits comes with decoupling IP dual roles, overload in routers or reallocate a new addressing space for inter-domain routing system is still a great challenge. In this paper, we use the idea of Locator/ID separation but redesign the topological locator to construct a scalable and universal Core which can integrate heterogeneous access networks.(More)
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