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Node mobility is one of the dominant factors causing decreased performance in mobile ad hoc networks, thus stability of selected path is of prime importance. The proposed method uses link stability factor (LSF) and path stability factor (PSF) to select a stable path while minimizing number of hops. The node's transmission range is divided into stable zone(More)
Multipoint Relay (MPR) have been introduced in the proactive protocol OLSR to optimize the flooding overhead of control traffic. In this paper, we propose an optimized method for the selection of the minimum MPR set computed by greedy algorithm. On the basis of node density, an incomplete traversal process is executed in the common MPR set calculated by(More)
As a well attractive modulation scheme, Minimum-shift Keying (MSK) has a fast roll-off side-lobe spectrum. Because of this excellent property, we introduce MSK into the conventional OFDM to form an improved OFDM-MSK system. The new system can effectively overcome the carrier frequency offset (CFO), mitigate the interference among the sub-carriers. And two(More)
—Minimum-shift Keying (MSK) has a fast roll-off side-lobe spectrum, which is an excellent property for multi-carrier modulation (MCM) systems. In this paper, we propose a novel OFDM-MSK modulation scheme and introduce it to MB-OFDM UWB systems based on Cognitive Radio (CR). Therefore, the new system has a better out-of-band attenuation property. In such(More)
—This paper proposes a PCI Express (PCIE) Wrapper core named PWrapper with FIFO interfaces. Compared with other PCIE solutions, PWrapper has several advantages such as flexibility, isolation of clock domain, etc. PWrapper is implemented and verified on Vertex-5-FX70T which is a development board provided by Xilinx Inc. Architecture of PWrapper and design of(More)
Parallel Bloom filter is a multi-field query structure which possess high query efficiency and less resource consumption. In this paper, we propose masked parallel Bloom filter with twice verification Hash table (MPBF-TVHT) to achieve full flexibility of multi-protocol query and lower false positive possibility (FPP) for SDN switch. We depict item store and(More)
SDN have caught the attention of many researches and corporations because of its distinct advantages, but also exposed some problems meanwhile. Limited by today's technology, the size of flow table and the processing capacity of controller may lead to significant packet loss and network delay when matching fails. The matching failure means no corresponding(More)
MEED has been introduced in Delay Tolerant Networks with per-contact routing recomputation in order to optimize the route with network topology variation. But it is not effectively for the network in which the nodes own several contacts and metrics make a large difference. In this paper, we propose an improved algorithm named MEED-WTR to deal with this(More)
—Wireless mesh network is a new broadband wireless network architecture which can be deployed easily in almost any environment. With many good features comparing to infrastructure network, mesh based network architecture can be extended to many application areas, i.e. space communications and underwater communications. In some application areas, one-way(More)