Dongming Yuan

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—This paper proposes a PCI Express (PCIE) Wrapper core named PWrapper with FIFO interfaces. Compared with other PCIE solutions, PWrapper has several advantages such as flexibility, isolation of clock domain, etc. PWrapper is implemented and verified on Vertex-5-FX70T which is a development board provided by Xilinx Inc. Architecture of PWrapper and design of(More)
In this paper, we consider the problem of flow control together with power allocation to antennas on satellite with arbitrary link states, so as to maximize the utility function while stabilizing the network. Inspired by Lyapunov optimization method, a Degree-Limited Scheduling Algorithm (DLSA) is proposed with a control parameter V, which requires no(More)
Network capacity region is an important character of mobile ad hoc networks. Using cell-partitioned model, an expression of upper bound of delay-tolerant hybrid mobile ad hoc network is deduced regardless of coverage of base stations, types of mobile process, scheduling and routing algorithms. The limitation of the upper bound is derived, Analysis of the(More)
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