Dongming Qian

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SIRT1, the founding member of the mammalian family of seven NAD(+)-dependent sirtuins, is composed of 747 amino acids forming a catalytic domain and extended N- and C-terminal regions. We report the design and characterization of an engineered human SIRT1 construct (mini-hSIRT1) containing the minimal structural elements required for lysine deacetylation(More)
Carba-NAD is a synthetic compound identical to NAD except for one substitution, where an oxygen atom adjacent to the anomeric linkage bearing nicotinamide is replaced with a methylene group. Because it is inert in nicotinamide displacement reactions, carba-NAD is an unreactive substrate analogue for NAD-consuming enzymes. SIRT3 and SIRT5 are NAD-consuming(More)
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