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An improved image encryption algorithm based on chaos is proposed for the degradation of periodicity, in which permutation is firstly carried out. Then the permuted image is encrypted by Chen's chaotic system pixel by pixel and it makes the encryption more secure because the dynamical property of the Chen's chaotic system is more complicated than the Lorenz(More)
Selenium-containing thioredoxin reductase (TrxR) is an important target of cancer therapy. Many useful anticancer agents including bis-alkylating agents, cisplatin, and arsenic trioxide are known to interact with the selenocysteine dipeptide in the carboxy terminal region of thioredoxin reductase and inactivate its ability to reduce thioredoxin. Some(More)
VEGF is an important growth factor in embryonic development and functional maintenance of adult organs. Single allele inactivation of VEGF leads to embryonic lethality and many conditional disruptions show dramatic phenotypes or reduced viabilities. To overcome this burden, a reversible system, which was used in the regulation of VEGF expression and(More)
The shortage of original AES key generation and expansion strategy was researched. Based on these researches, the new AES key generation and expansion algorithms are proposed. In these algorithms, two-dimensional Logistic mapping is used to reduce the dependence between sub-keys. Experimental result shows that the security and robustness of the AES sub-keys(More)
The performance of local stereo matching algorithm highly depends on the support window selected, in which the cost are aggregated. A variety of cost aggregation approaches (proposed before 2008) were comprehensively analyzed in [7] and these approaches attempt to seek an optimal support window for each pixel by changing the window size, shape and center(More)
Recently, a novel Non-Local Cost Aggregation (NLCA) algorithm based on a minimum spanning tree (MST) has been proposed [1] for stereo matching providing extremely low computational complexity and outstanding performance. However, since the MST is constructed only based on color cue, this approach suffers from some improper connections at the boundaries of(More)
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Cryptography is an important technique to keep private data secretly in order to avoid unauthorized access. Traditional encryption methods such as DES, RSA etc... are widely used today and it seems to be computationally secure. Chaotic encryption is the new direction of cryptography and only few papers discuss on it, and it makes use of chaotic system(More)
In this paper, we present an object recognition and pose estimation framework consisting of a novel global object descriptor, so called Viewpoint oriented Color-Shape Histogram (VCSH), which combines object’s color and shape information. During the phase of object modeling and feature extraction, the whole object’s color point cloud model is built by(More)
A novel breadth-first based structural clustering method for graphs is proposed. Clustering is an important task for analyzing complex networks such as biological networks, World Wide Web and social networks. The clusters are of various shapes such as cliques and stars, for example, in ProteinProtein Interactive(PPI) networks. Traditional algorithms may(More)