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In this thesis, we describe a statistical method for 3D object detection. In this method, we decompose the 3D geometry of each object into a small number of viewpoints. For each viewpoint , we construct a decision rule that determines if the object is present at that specific orientation. Each decision rule uses the statistics of both object appearance and(More)
System logs are widely used in various tasks of software system management. It is crucial to avoid logging too little or too much. To achieve so, developers need to make informed decisions on where to log and what to log in their logging practices during development. However, there exists no work on studying such logging practices in industry or helping(More)
Logging is a common programming practice of practical importance to collect system runtime information for postmortem analysis. Strategic logging placement is desired to cover necessary runtime information without incurring unintended consequences (<i>e.g.</i>, performance overhead, trivial logs). However, in current practice, there is a lack of rigorous(More)
The simplified Chinese version of the FACT-B was evaluated by QOL data measured from 376 patients with breast cancer. The results showed that test–retest reliability for five domains: physical well-being, social/family well-being, emotional well-being, functional well-being, additional concerns, and the overall scales and trial outcome index were 0.82,(More)
Developers often wonder how to implement a certain functionality (e.g., how to parse XML files) using APIs. Obtaining an API usage sequence based on an API-related natural language query is very helpful in this regard. Given a query, existing approaches utilize information retrieval models to search for matching API sequences. These approaches treat queries(More)
As online services have more and more popular, incident diagnosis has emerged as a critical task in minimizing the service downtime and ensuring high quality of the services provided. For most online services, incident diagnosis is mainly conducted by analyzing a large amount of telemetry data collected from the services at runtime. Time series data and(More)
Software evolves with continuous source-code changes. These code changes usually need to be understood by software engineers when performing their daily development and maintenance tasks. However, despite its high importance, such change-understanding practice has not been systematically studied. Such lack of empirical knowledge hinders attempts to evaluate(More)
Reed and wheat straw particleboards bonded with urea formaldehyde (UF) resin were manufactured from two different material configurations (i.e., fine and coarse particles). The board densities were in the range of 0.550–.90g/cm3. The effects of particle size and board density on the board properties were examined. The properties of particleboard produced(More)