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The remote streetlight monitoring and control system has been applied in urban streetlight. In general, this system monitoring and control scope only reaches the streetlight transformer station. In this work, an experimental system of wireless sensor network was developed to study the feasibility for streetlight monitoring and control system. This system(More)
At present, the electromagnetic watt meter is still widely used in china, the workers from the electricity board have to collect electric data from door to door through manual reading, so that there is a great shortage of real-time, accurate, and evidence demonstrative reading. This practice is also manpower consuming and energy consuming, with high cost(More)
In this work, a network based on wireless sensor network has been developed to monitor streetlight power cable. The sensor nodes mount on the streetlight pole and detect the cable voltage. Once a sensor node finds the voltage gone, it sends alarm information to the transformer station over other sensor nodes and then transmits to the control center through(More)
Cognitive radio has been treated as a promising candidate for reusing underutilized or unused spectrum resources of licensed users without interference to licensed users by means of opportunistic spectrum access. Reliable spectrum sensing is one of foundational techniques for cognitive users to detect spectrum holes and monitor licensed users' activities in(More)
Recent studies have been conducted to indicate the ineffective usage of licensed spectrum due to the fixed spectrum allocation. In order to solve this problem, the cognitive radio is introduced to perform opportunistic usage of spectrum of primary users by a secondary user, without interfering with the quality of primary users. Therefore a secondary user(More)
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