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Distribution of radioisotopes in sediment cores from nearshore off Xinghua Bay mouth, Fujian, China
Two marine sediment cores were collected from nearshore off Xinghua Bay mouth in Fujian, China and the 40K, 137Cs, 210Pb, 226Ra, 228Ra, 228Th and 238U in the cores were measured using γ-spectroscopy.Expand
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Advancing Our Understanding of Culture Mixing
Globalization has rendered culture mixing a pervading and overwhelming phenomenon. Culture mixing refers to the coexistence of representative symbols of different cultures in the same space at theExpand
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An observation of leaping behaviour in larvae of Drosophilidae (Diptera)
Leaping behaviour was observed in Drosophilidae larvae discovered in tomatoes. Two species were identified based on molecular techniques---Drosophila immigrans and Scaptodrosophila kirki. Jumping hasExpand
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Application of Radial Point Interpolation Method to Temperature Field
A point interpolation which bases on the radial function is a new meshless method. It is advantageous over the original PIM with polynomial basis in avoiding singularity when shape functions areExpand
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Cytotoxicity and oxidative stress study in cultured rat Sertoli cells with methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) exposure.
Cultured Sertoli cells were tested for their cytotoxicity and oxidative stress induced by methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) which has been extensively used as a gasoline additive. In cytotoxicExpand
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This paper describes the chemistry presented during the W.A.E. McBryde Medal address given at the 81st Chemistry in Canada Conference held in Whistler. The narrative chronicles our Quest to perform...
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Pressure-induced phase transitions in rubidium azide: Studied by in-situ x-ray diffraction
We present the in-situ X-ray diffraction studies of RbN3 up to 42.0 GPa at room temperature to supplement the high pressure exploration of alkali azides. Two pressure-induced phase transitions ofExpand
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First-principles investigations of the physical properties of binary uranium silicide alloys
Abstract The structural, elastic properties and the Debye temperature of binary Uranium Silicide (U-Si) alloys are investigated by using the first-principles plane-wave pseudopotential densityExpand
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Effects of disorder on charge transport in semico++ nducting polymers
Polaron transport process in semiconducting polymers with disordered structure and morphology is simulated using a nonadiabatic evolution method. The simulations are performed within the framework ofExpand
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Impact of interface types on spin transport in heterostructures of graphene/hexagonal boron-nitride nanoribbons
Abstract Using density functional theory in combination with non-equilibrium Green's functions, we investigate the spin transport in two heterostructures of graphene and hexagonal boron-nitrideExpand
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