Dongmei Diao

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An optical fiber distributed sensing system merging Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) and phase-sensitive optical time domain reflectometer for vibration measurement with wide frequency response and spatial resolution is proposed and demonstrated. Two acoustic optical modulators are adopted to generate narrow and wide pulses, respectively, on both ends of(More)
A two-dimensional edge detection method has been proposed to extract location information of intruder in the distributed vibration sensing system based on phase-sensitive optical time domain reflectometry. The edge detection method is used to calculate the spatial gradient of the image composed by Rayleigh traces at each point by convolving with Sobel(More)
The sensing fiber length and the use of averaging methods limit the maximum detectable frequency response range of vibration in phase-sensitive optical time domain reflectometry (φ-OTDR), especially for long-haul monitoring. We propose a method to significantly extend the frequency response range of φ-OTDR systems by impressing vibration(More)
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