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Single-molecule magnets are compounds that exhibit magnetic bistability purely of molecular origin. The control of anisotropy and suppression of quantum tunneling to obtain a comprehensive picture of the relaxation pathway manifold, is of utmost importance with the ultimate goal of slowing the relaxation dynamics within single-molecule magnets to facilitate(More)
General Methods. All reactions were carried out under a dry and oxygen-free argon atmosphere by using Schlenk techniques or under a nitrogen atmosphere in an MBraun glovebox. Solvents were purified by an MBraun SPS system. Ligands were synthesized according to modified literature procedures. 1 The phenols and amines were purchased from Aldrich or Fluka. All(More)
In the presence of a small molecular protic initiator, immortal ring-opening polymerization (ROP) of lactide (LA) is a highly efficient strategy to synthesize polylactide in a controllable manner, while using polymeric alcohol as an initiator has been less investigated. A series of polymeric alcohols (PS–OH) composed of styrene and 4.3%–18% hydroxyl(More)
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