Dongling Liu

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There is considerable interest in using traditional Chinese medicine formulas (TCMF) to delay aging or treat age-related diseases. Due to cost and duration, the beneficial effects of TCMF on prolongation are mainly extrapolated from vitro studies or physiological indexes. Little is known about whether TCMF are beneficial in whole level, particularly with(More)
This study examined post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) and it's predictors among 4072 Tibetan adolescents 3years after the highaltitude earthquake. The instruments included The PTSD Checklist-Civilian version, The Internality, Powerful others, and Chance Scale and The Coping Style Scale. The results indicated the prevalence rate of probable PTSD was(More)
The mechanism of regulation of growth hormone (GH) secretion by oestrogens and androgens is still controversial. Available data on the action of oestrogens on GH expression and secretion in somatotropes is poorly understood. We previously reported that the aromatase knockout (ArKO) mouse with oestrogen deficiency and excessive androgen levels had(More)
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