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A computer-aided methodology is developed for on-line monitoring and control of cell growth in fed-batch penicillin fermentation using a semidefined medium containing low corn steep liquor concentration (5.7 g/L). Cell growth is monitored and controlled with the use of experimental correlation and carbon-balancing equatiions on a real-time basis throughout(More)
The rate of heat evolution (kcal/liter-hr) in mycelial fermentations for novobiocin and cellulase production with media containing noncellular solids was measured by an in situ dynamic calorimetric procedure. Thermal data so obtained have proved significant both in monitoring cell concentration during the trophophase (growth phase) and in serving as a(More)
To broaden the practicality of on-line growth monitoring and control, its application in fedbatch penicillin fermentation using high corn steep liquor (CSL) concentration (53 g/L) is demonstrated. By employing a calculation method that considers the vagaries of CSL consumption, overall and instantaneous carbon-balancing equations are successfully used to(More)
Grape (cultivar Jinshou) and chestnut rose (cultivar Gui 4) were exposed to excess manganese (Mn) treatments to characterize the physiological basis for Mn tolerance in woody plants. Chestnut rose exhibited a high sensitivity to this environmental constraint whereas grape appeared rather tolerant to Mn excess. Stomatal density and closure rate were affected(More)
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