Dongliang Zhang

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EasyToy is an industrial plush toy design system for novices. Editable sketching curves combine the advantages of free-form strokes and the controllability of B-spline curves. Users can continuously edit each curve to refine designs. EasyToy provides a small set of simple tools with which users can easily construct sophisticated toy models comparable to(More)
Garment CAD technology is the use of computer technology to assist the design of garment product. Compared to other mechanical product, garment CAD has to address some special issues. Firstly, it models soft material with low bending stiffness rather than rigid solid objects. Secondly, garment components such as collar and sleeve, are assembled together(More)
Video summarization aims to give a condensed presentation of video content, facilitating users to efficiently and effectively browse videos and obtain specific information in a short time following users' attention. In this paper, we propose a novel method to generate personalized sketch summarization supporting sketch interaction that is characterized for(More)
BACKGROUND Hair loss is seen as an irreversible process. Most research concentrates on how to elongate the anagen, reduce the negative factors of obstructing hair growth and improve the hair number and size. AIM In our experiment, we tried to prove that the cow placenta extract can promote hair growth by elongating hair shaft and increasing hair follicle(More)
In this paper, we present a novel technique for animating the human model from whole body scanned data. In our method, the human model is represented with a layered model, its skeleton is generated automatically, and a simplified surface skin mapped to the underlying skeleton. We present methods for constructing and animating our models without manual(More)