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In this study, the lipoxygenase (ana-LOX) gene from Anabaena sp. PCC 7120 was successful expressed and secreted in Bacillus subtilis. Under the control of the P43 promoter, with a signal peptide from the B. subtilis 168 nprB gene, and facilitated by the molecular chaperone PrsA, the production of the recombinant ana-LOX (ana-rLOX) reached 76 U/mL (171.9(More)
In the present investigation, we successfully employed a cell-free extract of Esteya vermicola CNU 120806 to convert ginsenoside Rg3 to Rh2. Three important factors including pH, temperature and substrate concentration were optimized for the preparation of Rh(2). The optimal condition was obtained as follows: 50°C, pH 5.0 and substrate concentration of 3 mg(More)
Eulaliopsis binata, which is a close relative of cereal crops, was recognized as an important research material owing to its high frequency of apospory and autonomous endosperm formation. However, little information is known about its genomics and regulatory pathway participating in reproductive development. For the first step to understand molecular basis(More)
EasyToy is an industrial plush toy design system for novices. Editable sketching curves combine the advantages of free-form strokes and the controllability of B-spline curves. Users can continuously edit each curve to refine designs. EasyToy provides a small set of simple tools with which users can easily construct sophisticated toy models comparable to(More)
Garment CAD technology is the use of computer technology to assist the design of garment product. Compared to other mechanical product, garment CAD has to address some special issues. Firstly, it models soft material with low bending stiffness rather than rigid solid objects. Secondly, garment components such as collar and sleeve, are assembled together(More)