Dongliang Wang

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The leaf area index (LAI) is a crucial parameter of vegetation structure. It provides key information for earth surface process simulations and climate change research on the global and regional scales. Focusing on the meadow steppe in Hulunber, Inner Mongolia, China, the present study assessed the accuracy of the Moderate Resolution Imaging(More)
Accurate canopy structure datasets, including canopy height and fractional cover, are required to monitor aboveground biomass as well as to provide validation data for satellite remote sensing products. In this study, the ability of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) discrete light detection and ranging (lidar) was investigated for modeling both the canopy(More)
For miniaturization the microwave communication equipment, a miniaturized and low cost array antenna is proposed. A 2-layer of patch antenna unit is designed to broaden the bandwidth of the microstrip antenna. The CST MWS is used to simulate and optimize the antenna structure. Based on the designed antenna unit, an array antenna is proposed to achieve high(More)
In recent years, chaos-based image encryption technology has been extensively studied to meet the increasing demand for online secure image transmission over open networks. However, many of them suffer from known/chosen plaintext attacks as the diffusion key stream used in those schemes is solely determined by the key. To address this problem, a(More)
Shortest path routing protocol intends to minimize the total delay between every pair of destination node and source node. However, it is also well-known that shortest path routing suffers from uneven distribution of traffic load, especially in dense wireless networks. Recently, several new routing protocols are proposed in order to balance traffic load(More)
Since the teaching ability has been influenced by many factors in volleyball sports teaching, it is more difficult to make objective and fair evaluation to mark it. At present, the evaluation volleyball teaching ability is mainly based on the following aspects, such as students' academic achievements students' evaluation for teacher and the finished status(More)
We propose a channel estimation and adaptive transmission algorithm for single carrier frequency domain equalization (SC-FDE) systems with variable symbol rate. In this algorithm, signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) after equalization is estimated and adaptive transmission strategy is designed. A step rate adjusting method is proposed to satisfy(More)