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Quadrotor is a strong coupling, under actuated complex system with multi inputs and multi outputs. In this paper, the quadrotor UAV model was presented at first. In order to control the position and attitude respectively, a nested loops control strategy was employed. The full control was divided into two parts, i.e. position control and attitude control.(More)
Transcription factors (TF) regulate gene expression by binding DNA regulatory regions. Transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs) are conserved not only in primary DNA sequences but also in DNA structures. However, the global relationship between TFs and their preferred DNA structures remains to be elucidated. In this paper, we have developed a(More)
Space information visualization system involves much more simulate object. The coordinate referenced by the motion of each simulate object are different. A hierarchical design was proposed for different space coordinate system using coordinate Tree. Different objects in multi-coordinates can be displayed in one scene. Scene Graph Management was realized(More)
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