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Tetrahydropalmatine (THP), with one chiral centre, is one of the major constituents of Rhizoma corydalis. THP is considered to possess analgesic, sedative, hypnotic actions and cardiac protection. The aim of this study was to elucidate the stereoselective interaction between THP and ABC transporters. The present study investigated three most(More)
The hepatic clearance and drug-drug interactions of luteolin and apigenin were studied by using primary cultured rat hepatocytes. Luteolin and apigenin experienced extensive first-pass metabolism. The elimination percent of luteolin and apigenin was found to be 91.9% and 86.7% after 120 min of incubation. The predicted % liver blood flow was 82.3% and 85.4%(More)
Entecavir (ETV), a nucleoside analog with high efficacy against hepatitis B virus, is recommended as a first-line antiviral drug for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B. However, scant information is available on the use of ETV in pregnancy. To better understand the safety of ETV in pregnant women, we aimed to demonstrate whether ETV could permeate(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the expression and function of proton-coupled oligopeptide transporters (POTs) in spleen and macrophages and their contribution to innate immune response induced by bacterial peptidomimetics γ-iE-DAP and MDP. Quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR) and Western blot results revealed the mRNA and protein expression of(More)
BACKGROUND Proton-coupled oligopeptide transporters (POTs) serve as integral membrane protein for the cellular uptake of di/tripeptide. Prostate has a large requirement of nutriment for its function to produce and secrete prostatic fluid. Besides, prostate suffered from limited therapy effect of drug treatment. Thus present study was performed to evaluate(More)
In the present work, the porous structure of fly ash/phosphate geopolymer hollow sphere structures (FPGHSS), prepared by pre-bonding and curing technology, has been characterized by multi-resolution methods from sub-millimeter to nano-scale. Micro-CT and confocal microscopy could provide the macroscopic distribution of porous structure on sub-millimeter(More)
Membrane transporter PhT2 (SLC15A3), which belongs to the proton-coupled oligopeptide transporter family, mediates the transport of di/tripeptides and histidine utilizing an inwardly directed proton gradient and negative membrane potential. The aim of this study was to elucidate the molecular expression of PhT2 in macrophages and mouse tissues and to(More)
Sulpiride is a typical antipsychotic drug for the treatment of schizophrenia, depression and other psychological disorders. It has been proven that a small amount of sulpiride could cross the human placenta using an ex vivo placental perfusion model. However, the placental transfer mechanism has not been elucidated. Considering the structure of sulpiride,(More)
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