Donglei Yang

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The key regulator of salicylic acid (SA)-mediated resistance, NPR1, is functionally conserved in diverse plant species, including rice (Oryza sativa L.). Investigation in depth is needed to provide an understanding of NPR1-mediated resistance and a practical strategy for the improvement of disease resistance in the model crop rice. The rice genome contains(More)
With explosive growth of multimedia data on internet, the effective information retrieval from a large scale of multimedia data becomes more and more important. To retrieve these multimedia data automatically, some features in them must be extracted. Hence, image feature extraction algorithms have been a fundamental component of multimedia retrieval. Among(More)
The prevalence of the Internet and cloud computing has made multimedia data, such as image data and video data, become major data types in our daily life. For example, many data-intensive applications, such as health care and video recommendation, involve collecting, indexing and retrieving tera-scale multimedia data every day. With such a huge amount of(More)
With the development of Internet and cloud computing, multimedia data, such as images and videos, has become one of the most common data types being processed. As the scale of multimedia data being still increasing, it is vitally important to efficiently extract useful information from such a huge amount of multimedia data. However, due to the complexity of(More)
Currently, multimedia data has become one of the major data types processed and transferred on the Internet. With the rapid growth of multimedia data, it is vitally important to find an efficient way to extract useful information from a large amount of data. SIFT and SURF, as the most popular multimedia feature extraction algorithms, have been widely used(More)
Natural antisense transcripts (NATs) are commonly observed in eukaryotic genomes, but only a limited number of such genes have been identified as being involved in gene regulation in plants. In this research, we investigated the function of small RNA derived from a NAT in fiber cell development. Using a map-based cloning strategy for the first time in(More)
Plant senescence plays diverse important roles in development and environmental responses. However, the molecular basis of plant senescence is remained largely unknown. A rice spontaneous mutant with the character of early senescence and male sterility (sms) was found in the breeding line NT10-748. In order to identify the gene SMS1 and the underlying(More)
In 1995, Stiebitz [13] asked the following question: For any positive integers s, t, is there a finite integer f(s, t) such that every digraph D with minimum out-degree at least f(s, t) admits a bipartition (A,B) such that A induces a subdigraph with minimum out-degree at least s and B induces a subdigraph with minimum out-degree at least t? We give an(More)
Programmed cell death (PCD) and immunity in plants are tightly controlled to promote antimicrobial defense while preventing autoimmunity. However, the mechanisms contributing to this immune homeostasis are poorly understood. Here, we isolated a rice mutant ebr1 (enhanced blight and blast resistance 1) that shows enhanced broad-spectrum bacterial and fungal(More)