Dongkuan Xu

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Crude oil plays a significant role in the modern society and its price prediction attracts more and more attentions, not only for its importance to the modern industry, but also for its complex price movement. Based on PMRS, ECM and NN, this paper presents an integrated model to forecast crude oil prices. In the proposed model, PMRS is first used to model(More)
Positive instance detection, especially for these in positive bags (true positive instances, TPIs), plays a key role for multiple instance learning (MIL) arising from a specific classification problem only provided with bag (a set of instances) label information. However, most previous MIL methods on this issue ignore the global similarity among positive(More)
As a kind of popular problem in machine learning, multi-instance task has been researched by means of many classical methods, such as kNN, SVM, etc. For kNN classification, its performance on traditional task can be boosted by metric learning, which seeks for a data-dependent metric to make similar examples closer and separate dissimilar examples by a(More)
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