Dongjun Zhang

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— Due to the joint clearance, parallel manipulators always exhibit some position and orientation errors at the mobile platform. This paper aims to provide a systematic framework for the error analysis problem of general parallel mechanisms influenced by the joint clearance. A novel and efficient method is proposed to evaluate the maximal pose errors of(More)
Due to the possible adverse effects on fetus, the treatment of pregnant women with depression is a difficult problem in the field of psychiatry. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) was used to treat three pregnant women with depression in the early pregnancy. After systemic treatments, the patient's depressive symptoms significantly(More)
According to embodied emotion theory, facial manipulations should modulate and initiate particular emotions. However, whether there are gender differences in emotion experience perception under different facial muscle manipulations is not clear. Therefore, we conducted two behavioral experiments to examine gender differences in emotional perception in(More)
— To avoid deteriorating the mechanism's performance , joint clearance can be eliminated by preloading the pairing elements of the joint. However, this paper proves rigorously that in the real world, the unavoidable assembly and manufacturing errors will cause overconstrained parallel manipulators to lose degree of freedoms, or even unable to be assembled(More)
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