Dongjin He

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We investigated the spatial distribution (horizontal and vertical concentrations) of copper (Cu), lead (Pb), zinc (Zn), and cadmium (Cd) in five wetland types (mudflat, aquaculture wetland, water area, farmland wetland and mangrove) from three areas (Ningde, Fuding, and Xiapu), China. Cu concentrations in five wetland types descended in the order: farm(More)
The rhizosphere, distinct from bulk soil, is defined as the volume of soil around living roots and influenced by root activities. We investigated protease, invertase, cellulase, urease, and acid phosphatase activities in rhizosphere and bulk soils of six Nothotsuga longibracteata forest communities within Tianbaoyan National Nature Reserve, including N.(More)
The coastal shelter forest in China is under threat of destruction and degradation because of the impact of human activities. Protection efficiency assessment of the coastal shelterbelt is an important component of shelter-forest remediation planning and sustainable management. In this study, a protection efficiency index (PEI) model was established using(More)
Based on the principles of landscape ecology and community ecology, the Wuyishan district was classified into 10 landscape types, and the patch size distribution of this district was characterized by six types of probability distribution, including normal, lognormal, Weibull, Gamma, Beta and negative exponential. The results showed that most of patch types(More)
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