Dongjie Cao

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Negative thermal expansion (NTE) in cubic ZrW2O8 has generated much interest due to its large, isotropic, and temperature independent behavior. Here, x-ray absorption fine structure data are presented for various atom pairs, providing evidence that the low-energy modes causing NTE correspond to the correlated vibrations of a WO4 tetrahedron and its three(More)
Extended x-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) experiments have been carried out on PrRu(4)P(12) and PrOs(4)P(12) to study the metal-to-insulator (MI) phase transition in PrRu(4)P(12). No Pr displacement was observed across the MI transition temperature from the EXAFS data. Instead, our EXAFS data clearly show that a Ru displacement is associated with(More)
Recently we have observed a small change in the width, sigma, of the Mn-O pair distribution function when a IT magnetic field is applied. To improve our sensitivity to magnetic-field-induced changes, we have developed a magnetic field modulation technique. At each X-ray energy we collect two data points, one with field on and the other with field off: as a(More)
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