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Recently, most researches in the area of wireless sensor networksare limited to the ground environment, so the demand forunderground wireless sensor networks is increasing. However, theunderground environment is different from the ground environmentin that there are some critical problems in reliability due to thelarge path loss of the underground.(More)
INTRODUCTION Ethanol sclerotherapy has shown favorable short-term efficacy in managing head and neck arteriovenous malformation (AVM) which is well known for high recurrence rate after treatment. The purpose of this study was to report immediate treatment results and long-term follow-up results of ethanol sclerotherapy in patients with head and neck AVMs.(More)
Vehicle tracking system is built for a container terminal. In the system, reference nodes are fixed at known locations. They provide reference locations to a mobile node, which is installed in a vehicle. Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) is measured, and the measured data is gathered in a backend server. The backend server analyzes the data, and(More)
Micro Energy Efficiency System (MEES) provides energy saving while enabling each individual office in a large building to control heating, cooling, and electricity with its own policy. The usage of a decentralized independent control of each office, rather than a centralized one, is common in Korea. MEES provides measuring and controlling points at multiple(More)
– Detecting skin color from image sequences has played an important role in many computer vision applications, such as face detection and tracking. Even though there are a number of approaches for skin color detection, most of the existing algorithms produce false positives when non-skin pixels have similar color to skin color. To overcome this problem,(More)
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