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In this letter, we propose a visual fatigue prediction metric which can replace subjective evaluation for stereoscopic images. It detects stereoscopic impairments caused by inappropriate shooting parameters or camera misalignment which induces excessive horizontal and vertical disparities. Pearson’s correlation was measured between the proposed metrics and(More)
Stereoscopic video generation methods can produce stereoscopic content from conventional video filmed with monoscopic cameras. In this paper, we propose a stereoscopic video generation method using motion analysis which converts motion into disparity values and considers multi-user conditions and the characteristics of the display device. The field of view(More)
A 3D video is expected to be a representative technique of realistic system but still has some problems such as visual fatigue and headache. In this paper, we propose a visual fatigue evaluation algorithm to predict the degree of visual fatigue from a 2D-plus-depth video. Spatial and temporal characteristics of the depth video are main factors of visual(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY This study was aimed to characterize the absorption, distribution and metabolism of ginseng in human subjects using pharmacokinetic experiments based on the metabolism by microflora obtained from the feces. MATERIALS AND METHODS We examined how intestinal microflora transforms ginsenoside-Rb1 (G-Rb1) and ginseng extracts into Compound k(More)
Virulence of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) clinical isolates correlates with carriage of a 15 kb segment in the UL/b' region of the viral genome, which is absent from attenuated strains. The mechanisms by which this segment contributes to HCMV virulence remain obscure. We observed that intergenic RNA sequences within the 15 kb segment function as a microRNA(More)
Roses (Rosa sp.), which belong to the family Rosaceae, are the most economically important ornamental plants—making up 30% of the floriculture market. However, given high demand for roses, rose breeding programs are limited in molecular resources which can greatly enhance and speed breeding efforts. A better understanding of important genes that contribute(More)
Measuring a perceptual quality of an image is one of the important tasks in various applications such as image coding, processing, enhancement, and monitoring system. Although active researches have been made for objective quality assessment of 2D images for some decades, still very few efforts have been concentrated on 3D image quality assessment. In this(More)
We propose a new crossbar switch structure with adaptive bandwidth control. In a complex SoC design, the proposed crossbar switch efficiently incorporates various IPs with different bandwidth requirements. Simulation under various traffic scenarios shows that the throughput of the proposed crossbar switch is as high as that of conventional switch operating(More)