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—Stereoscopic video generation methods can produce stereoscopic content from conventional video filmed with mono-scopic cameras. In this paper, we propose a stereoscopic video generation method using motion analysis which converts motion into disparity values and considers multiuser conditions and the characteristics of the display device. The field of view(More)
The visual attention algorithm of the human visual system [1] is utilized to reduce the complexity of object recognition by decreasing the amount of image data to be processed. As Fig. 16.2.1 illustrates, salient parts of a scene are roughly selected by the visual attention mechanism in advance so that next visual processing can focus on only the(More)
–An 81.6 GOPS object recognition processor is developed by using NoC and Visual Image Processing (VIP) memory. SIFT (Scale Invariant Feature Transform) object recognition requires huge computing power and data transactions among tasks. The chip integrates 10 SIMD PEs for data/task level parallelism while the NoC facilitates inter-PE communications. The VIP(More)
— We propose a new crossbar switch structure with adaptive bandwidth control. In a complex SoC design, the proposed crossbar switch efficiently incorporates various IPs with different bandwidth requirements. Simulation under various traffic scenarios shows that the throughput of the proposed crossbar switch is as high as that of conventional switch(More)