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In this paper, we present a conceptual framework and a physical prototype of sensor-integrated geometric blocks (SIG-Blocks) for automated play-based assessment of cognitive and fine-motor skills. SIG-Blocks enable remote and real-time monitoring of a person's behavior and performance during play through integrated sensors and wireless communication(More)
Collective behavior in swarm robotics explores various scenarios involving many robots communicating, sensing, and running simultaneously. This strategy aims to reduce the time and energy required and to improve the efficiency of completing complex tasks which are typically difficult to accomplish individually. This paper presents InchBot, a novel swarm(More)
Designing and planning of supply chain network (SCN) is one of the most important decisions to be made in dynamic business environment. Under today's dynamic circumstances, SCN is too complex to allow realistic models to be evaluated analytically. For this reason, we have developed a new simulator. This simulator provides most of the features needed to(More)
This paper presents OrigamiBot-I, a thread-actuated origami robot, to demonstrate a physical application of an origami design for robotic manipulation and locomotion. The selected design can generate twisting and bending motions by pulling, pushing, or torsional force applied to the origami structure. Thread-based actuation also enables various shapes and(More)
Patients who undergo inter-hospital transfer experience increased relative mortality, ranging from 10 to 100% higher than non-transferred patients. The high-cost, increased risk of complications and poor outcomes of transferred patients warrant the critical examination of potential causes. One of the major causes may be the external stressors that patients(More)
Keywords: Sensor-embedded blocks Tangible user interface Wireless sensor network Cognitive assessment a b s t r a c t This paper presents the SIG-Blocks system developed for automated cognitive assessment via tangible geometric games (TAG-Games). Computerized game administration and real-time cognitive and behavior assessments were realized by wireless(More)