Donghun Chung

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Self-construal is thought to mediate and explain the effects of culture on a wide variety of outcome variables. A meta-analysis of published cross-cultural self-construal research is reported in this article, and the results across studies suggests that the evidence for the predicted cultural differences is weak, inconsistent, or nonexistent. The results of(More)
The present paper is composed of two studies. The first study explored the variables influencing the purchase of avatar-related products through the avatar users' survey research. This proposed a theoretical model of the purchase of avatar-related products using attitude toward an avatar, subjective norm, self-presentation, identification, and immersion.(More)
Digital online advertising today is struggling to find the right way to reach consumers on new digital platforms. Advertisers like social-media platforms want to gather all sorts of data on each user's age, consumption patterns, interests and so on. This means ads could be aimed at them with an accuracy that is unthinkable with analogue media. However,(More)
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