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A myosin surface loop (amino acids 391-404) is postulated to be an important actin binding site. In human beta-cardiac myosin, mutation of arginine-403 to a glutamine or a tryptophan causes hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. There is a phosphorylatable serine or threonine residue present on this loop in some lower eukaryotic myosin class I and myosin class VI(More)
The fragmentation pathways of deprotonated cyclic dipeptides have been studied by electrospray ionization multi-stage mass spectrometry (ESI-MSn) in negative mode. The results showed that the fragmentation pathways of deprotonated cyclic dipeptides depended significantly on the different substituents, the side chains of amino acid residues at the(More)
First-principles quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical free energy calculations have been performed to provide the first detailed computational study on the possible mechanisms for reaction of proteasome with a representative peptide inhibitor, Epoxomicin (EPX). The calculated results reveal that the most favorable reaction pathway consists of five steps.(More)
The biotin carboxyl carrier protein (BCCP) is a subunit of acetyl-CoA carboxylase, a biotin-dependent enzyme that catalyzes the first committed step of fatty acid biosynthesis. In its functional cycle the biotin carboxyl carrier protein engages in heterologous protein-protein interactions with three distinct partners, depending on its state of(More)
A highly efficient and concise one-pot strategy for the direct amination of quinoline N-oxides via copper-catalyzed dehydrogenative C-N coupling has been developed. The desired products were obtained in good to excellent yields for 22 examples starting from the parent aliphatic amines. This methodology provides a practical pathway to 2-aminoquinolines and(More)
Economic performance is very important to advanced process control projects investigating whether the investment of control technology is worthwhile. In this paper economic performance assessment of a simulated electric arc furnace is conducted. The dependence of controlled variables and the corresponding economic impact are highlighted.
A novel 2D benzodifuran (BDF)-based copolymer (PBDF-T1) is synthesized. Polymer solar cells fabricated with PBDF-T1 show high power conversion efficiency of 9.43% and fill factor of 77.4%, which is higher than the performance of its benzothiophene (BDT) counterpart (PBDT-T1). These results provide important progress for BDF-based copolymers and demonstrate(More)
In this study, molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and first-principles quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical free energy (QM/MM-FE) calculations have been performed to uncover the fundamental reaction pathway of proteasome with a representative inhibitor syringolin A (SylA). The calculated results reveal that the reaction process consists of three steps.(More)
Lewis base N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC)-catalyzed annulation is the subject of extensive interest in synthetic chemistry, but the reaction mechanisms, especially the unexpected chemoselectivity of some of these reactions, are poorly understood. In this work, a systematic theoretical calculation has been performed on NHC-catalyzed annulation between allenals(More)