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A Diffie-Hellman public-key cryptography based on chaotic attractors of neural networks is described in the paper. There is a one-way function between chaotic attractors and initial states in an overstoraged Hopfield neural network (OHNN). If the synaptic matrix of OHNN is changed, each attractor and its corresponding domain of initial state attraction is(More)
There are race conditions in concurrent programs if the accesses to a sharing resource are not properly synchronized. Because the races can cause the program to behave in unexpected ways, detecting them is an important aspect of debugging and program verification. Many approaches have been used to detect race conditions, but there still is no effective(More)
In this paper, a new algorithm of feature parameter extraction is proposed for application in speaker recognition system, which combines the traditional MFCC and the dynamic MFCC as a new series of coefficients. According to the statistics analysis of the different contribution by the dynamic MFCC and traditional MFCC, these coefficients are weighted as(More)
A novel transform-domain image watermark based on chaotic sequences is proposed in this paper. A complex chaos-based scheme is developed to embed a gray-level image in the wavelet domain of the original color image signal. The chaos system plays an important role in the security and invisibility of the proposed scheme. The parameter and initial state of(More)
Nitrogen (N)-doped carbon materials exhibit high electrocatalytic activity for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR), which is essential for several renewable energy systems. However, the ORR active site (or sites) is unclear, which retards further developments of high-performance catalysts. Here, we characterized the ORR active site by using newly designed(More)
Now days, different kinds of IDS systems are available for serving in the network distributed system, but these systems mainly concentrate on network-based and host-based detection. It is inconvenient to integrate these systems into distributed application servers for application-based intrusion detection. An agent-based IDS that can be smoothly integrated(More)
System design and performance are presented for an experimental FM-DCSK radio system with a blind timing acquisition scheme. The transmitter and receiver architecture is proposed, and a novel two-stage blind bit synchronization algorithm for a fast and efficient timing acquisition process is introduced. This synchronization scheme exploits the waveform(More)
In this paper, a dynamic relocation cache scheme is proposed for low power processor. Based on an energy consumption function of cache system, which mapping the cache energy consumption problem to a binary ILP (Integer Linear Programming) problem, this dynamic relocation cache scheme map the static code to a dynamic location through an address mapping(More)
— To enable higher layer transparent, Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) hides mobility from the transport layer such as TCP, but it has serious implications on TCP due to mobility issues including the packet loss and the deviation of end-to-end transport delay, which may seriously degrade the transport performance of TCP. This paper explores the impact of MIPv6 on TCP(More)