Donghui Guo

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— To enable higher layer transparent, Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) hides mobility from the transport layer such as TCP, but it has serious implications on TCP due to mobility issues including the packet loss and the deviation of end-to-end transport delay, which may seriously degrade the transport performance of TCP. This paper explores the impact of MIPv6 on TCP(More)
Now days, different kinds of IDS systems are available for serving in the network distributed system, but these systems mainly concentrate on network-based and host-based detection. It is inconvenient to integrate these systems into distributed application servers for application-based intrusion detection. An agent-based IDS that can be smoothly integrated(More)
Software fault localization techniques typically rank program components, such as statements or predicates, in descending order of their suspiciousness (likelihood of being faulty). During debugging, programmers may examine these components, starting from the top of the ranking, in order to locate faults. However, the assigned suspiciousness to each(More)
The charge carriers in graphene are massless Dirac fermions and exhibit a relativistic Landau-level quantization in a magnetic field. Recently, it has been reported that, without any external magnetic field, quantized energy levels have been also observed from strained graphene nanobubbles on a platinum surface, which were attributed to the Landau levels of(More)
Progestin resistance is a main obstacle for endometrial precancer/cancer conservative therapy. Therefore, biomarkers to predict progestin resistance and studies to gain a more detailed understanding of the mechanism are needed. The antioxidant Nrf2-AKR1C1 signal pathway exerts chemopreventive activity. However whether it plays a role in progestin resistance(More)