Donghuan Lu

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Fifty sets of photographs showing facial features of Caucasian males aged 18 to 60 years were examined to establish a morphological classification of the face. It is suggested that such a classification could assist facial identification by photocomparison. The selection criteria stress the importance of interassessor agreement and discrimination among(More)
We present ViRi -- an intriguing system that enables a user to enjoy a frontal view experience even when the user is actually at a slanted viewing angle. ViRi tries to restore the front-view effect by enhancing the normal content rendering process with an additional geometry correction stage. The necessary prerequisite is effectively and accurately(More)
Mobile phones have become an ideal platform for physiological and environmental sensing. A number of research and commercial smartphone " accessories " have emerged in recent years that try to extend the sensing capabilities of a mobile phone. However, the major drawback of these devices is that they either require the user to act in some specific way or(More)
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