Donghuai Sun

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In this paper, a new approach to ARMA model identification using evolutionary particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm has been proposed. ARMA is a popular method to analyze stationary univariate time series data. Stationarity checking, model identification, model estimation and model checking are usually four main stages to build an ARMA model and model(More)
In recent years, the multilayer feedforward neural network (FNN) has been received considerable attention and have been extensively used in many fields. Levenberg-Marquardt back-propagation (LMBP) algorithm as an FNN training method has some limitations associated with overfitting, local optimum problems and slow convergence rate. In order to overcome the(More)
In order to realize the industrialization production of software, people have carried out research on and analysis the software product line architecture of the growing maturity, component technology and development methods for product line. In this paper, a novel software engineering process model is proposed based on the modern industrial production(More)
Recently some cities' investments on fix assets increase too fast that lead to a property bubble. In order to prevent the overheating of real estate investment, this paper presents a pre-warning system developed to monitor and provide pre-warning to the governmental decision makers in real estate market. In the overall structure plan, the warning(More)
The aim of this paper is to predict the inventory of the relevant upstream enterprises in supply chain. The support vector machine, a novel artificial intelligence-based method developed from statistical learning theory, is adopted herein to establish a short-term stage forecasting model. However, take the fact into account that demand signal is affected by(More)
Safety stock, a very important composing of the stock management, which is significant for reducing the cost and increasing interests for an enterprise, is the base of the setting of enterprise's stocks, so it is crucial for stock management to presume a rational and exact SS. In this paper, introducing fractal theory, a new method based on the fractal(More)
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