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Keywords: Maintenance Remaining useful life Brown motion Stochastic filtering Proportional hazards model Markov a b s t r a c t Remaining useful life (RUL) is the useful life left on an asset at a particular time of operation. Its estimation is central to condition based maintenance and prognostics and health management. RUL is typically random and unknown,(More)
—Multivariate statistical process monitoring technologies , including principal component analysis (PCA) and partial least squares (PLS), have been successfully applied in many industrial processes. However, in practice, many PCA alarms do not lead to quality deterioration due to process control and recycle loops in process flowsheets, which hinders the(More)
In this paper, we address fault detection for networked control systems subject to random packet dropout. The packet dropout is assumed to be existing in the sensor-to-controller link and the controller-to-actuator link. Both parity space and observer based residual generation and evaluation approaches are proposed. In parity space based fault detection(More)
In data-based monitoring field, the nonlinear iterative partial least squares procedure has been a useful tool for process data modeling, which is also the foundation of projection to latent structures (PLS) models. To describe the dynamic processes properly, a dynamic PLS algorithm is proposed in this paper for dynamic process modeling, which captures the(More)