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We describe an approach and our experiences in applying federated simulation techniques to create large-scale parallel simulations of computer networks. Using the federated approach, the topology and the protocol stack of the simulated network is partitioned into a number of submodels, and a simulation process is instantiated for each one. Runtime(More)
Chronic infection, such as Helicobacter pylori infection, has been associated with the development of gastric cancer (GC). Pathogen-associated molecular patterns can trigger inflammatory responses via Toll-like receptors (TLRs) in GC. Here we showed that Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) was highly expressed in GC cells and was associated with the aggressiveness(More)
We present an approach for creating distributed, component-based, simulations of communication networks by interconnecting models of sub-networks drawn from different network simulation packages. This approach supports rapid construction of simulations for large networks by reusing existing models and software, and fast execution using parallel discrete(More)
W e introduce and discuss a methodology f o r heterogeneous simulations of computer networks using the dynamic simulation backplane. This methodology allows for exchanging of protocol information between simulators across layers of the protocol stack. For example, the simulationist m a y wish to construct a simulation using the rich set of T C P models(More)
The blooming e-commerce is demanding better methods to protect online users' privacy, especially the credit card information that is widely used in online shopping. Holding all these data in a central database of the web sites would attract hackers' attacks, impose unnecessary liability on the merchant web sites, and raise the customers' privacy concerns.(More)
In this paper we address a method to align English-Chinese bilingual news reports from China News Service, combining both lexical and statistical approaches. Because of the sentential structure differences between English and Chinese, matching at the sentence level as in many other works may result in frequent matching of several sentences en masse. In view(More)
The simulation of large-scale multicast networks oftenrequires a significant amount of memory that can easily exceedthe capacity of current computers, both because of theinherently large amount of state necessary to simulate messagerouting and because of design oversights in the multicastportion of existing simulators. In this paper we describethree(More)
As probiotics in the gut, Lactobacilli are believed to play important roles in the development and maintenance of both the mucosal and systemic immune system of the host. This study was aimed to investigate the immuno-modulatory function of candiate lactobacilli on T cells. Lactobacilli were isolated from healthy human feces and the microbiological(More)