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Based on the concept of knowledge service, portal and Web2.0, scientific and technological knowledge portal (STKP) is suggested and developed to solve the problems of scientific and technological information service platforms. STKP integrates the existing scientific and technological knowledge resources, provides personalized service to all kinds of users(More)
—Due to the significance of extracting the grid voltage information, the grid synchronization system plays an important role in the control of grid-connected power converters, and various grid voltage synchronization schemes have been proposed. This paper adopts the complex-vector-filter method (CVFM) to analyze the grid synchronization systems. With this(More)
Web page content extraction is a key step for knowledge acquisition from the Internet. The physical layout of Web pages is always composed of useful information, advertising links and images. So how to extract the right content and filter out irrelevant information is an important work. According to the different properties between content nodes and(More)
To represent the textual knowledge more expressively, a kind of semantic-based graph structure is proposed, in which more semantic and ordering information among terms as well as the structural information of the text are incorporated. Such model can be constructed by extracting representative terms from texts and their mutually semantic relationships.(More)
—Capacitor-current-feedback active damping is an effective method to suppress the LCL-filter resonance in grid-connected inverters. However, due to the variation of grid impedance, the LCL-filter resonance frequency will vary in a wide range, which challenges the design of the capacitor-current-feedback coefficient. Moreover, if the resonance frequency is(More)