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—Due to the significance of extracting the grid voltage information, the grid synchronization system plays an important role in the control of grid-connected power converters, and various grid voltage synchronization schemes have been proposed. This paper adopts the complex-vector-filter method (CVFM) to analyze the grid synchronization systems. With this(More)
As an important source for discovering new competitive technological intelligence involved in enterprises, patents can be analyzed to identify the technological strategy and the potential competitors. Based on the patent citation information, the weighted and directed enterprise citation network is established. Based on the modified PageRank algorithm, a(More)
Data from Landsat ETM+ images, meteorological records, digital elevation mode data and other statistical data were used to extract wetland-related information for the Heilongjiang River Basin, China, an area significantly affected by global climate change. Based on a pressure–state–response conceptual model, an integrated assessment index was constructed.(More)
—Capacitor-current-feedback active damping is an effective method to suppress the LCL-filter resonance in grid-connected inverters. However, due to the variation of grid impedance, the LCL-filter resonance frequency will vary in a wide range, which challenges the design of the capacitor-current-feedback coefficient. Moreover, if the resonance frequency is(More)