Donghong Fan

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To assign an unlabeled text document into more than one appropriate category, a novel text multi-categorization method based on fuzzy correlation analysis is proposed in this paper. A fuzzy simple correlation analysis show the strength and the direction of linear relationship between two fuzzy attributes, which is useful for us to analyze the relationships(More)
The analyses of the fuzzy simple correlation, fuzzy partial correlation and fuzzy semi-partial correlation on Zadeh’s fuzzy sets have been discussed in this paper. A fuzzy simple correlation analysis can show the strength of the linear relationship between two fuzzy attributes and the direction of the relationship. A fuzzy partial correlation(More)
Many developing countries are facing the problem of unbalanced medical resources, especially lack of medical staff and relatively backward medical environment in extensive rural areas. This situation can be improved by Medical-Expert-System (MES). However, this system has many such problems as great difficulty in designing, high investment costs and(More)
An evolutionary particle filtering algorithm is proposed for blind signal detection in flat Rayleigh fading channels who’s model coefficients are unknown. The sample impoverishment of state boundaries without changing longtime can be relieved. The stochastic M-algorithm (SMA) is used to estimate the signal sent in flat fading channel. The simulation(More)
Be aimed at the issue how to make full use of the existing product resources to respond rapidly the users' requirements, one rapid intelligent design approach is presented. This approach combines case based reasoning with modular technology and focuses on the following researches: the modeling approach of product model, the relation-driven among model(More)
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