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Multi-agent based simulations have been shown to have particular utility in large-scale social and biological systems. To deliver a realistic simulation for such complex systems, agents should be lightweight and inter-agent communication should be efficient and scalable. In this paper, we propose a new lightweight message transport framework for building(More)
Tissue simulation at the cellular level is very important to medical research, especially in understanding tumor cell evolution. Although many approaches have been proposed for tissue simulation, they are overly simplistic or too specialized. In this paper, we formulate the first comprehensive design of a multi-agent system for modelling tissue systems at(More)
In this paper, we provide a general purpose simulation framework for complex adaptive systems. Our framework will deal with a number of important criteria including self-organization, emergence, and others. We then show that the framework can capture the common underlying structure of complex adaptive systems through demonstrating its application in(More)
Large-Scale Simulations for Complex Adaptive Systems with Application to Biological Domains Donghang Guo (ABSTRACT) Modeling or simulating Complex Adaptive Systems (CASs) is both important and challenging. As the name suggests, CASs are systems consisting of large numbers of interacting adaptive compartments. They are studied across a wide range of(More)
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