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By analyzing the basic principle of Otsu method and its application in image segmentation, and according to the distribution characteristics of the target and background, an improved threshold image segmentation algorithm based on the Otsu method is developed. By narrowing the selection range of threshold and searching the minimum variance ratio, the(More)
—The dynamic characteristics, and in particular the modulation bandwidth, of high-speed semiconductor lasers are determined by intrinsic factors and extrinsic parameters. In particular, carrier transport through the heterostructure and thermalization, or quantum capture in the gain region, tend to play an important role. We have made a detailed study of(More)
A novel blocks placement strategy is developed for solving some shortages in recent Hadoop. With the Strategy, the optimal Data nodes, according to the real-time situation of Data nodes, are chosen dynamically to achieve load balancing. Finally, the simulation experiments indicate that our strategy behaves much better than the HDFS blocks placement when the(More)
Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) have potential to provide convenient broadband wireless Internet access to mobile users. With the emergence of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) paradigm that separates control plane and data plane, WMNs can be easily deployed and managed. In addition, by exploiting the broadcast nature of the wireless medium and the spatial(More)
We described chemical composition in Cangzhu in recent years, volatile oil is the important chemical composition, The beta-eudesmol, hinesol are active ingredient in volatile oil and there are 38 kind of glycosides. At the same time, we overview the applying of RAPD technology in atractylodes lancea. The results is that there are correlation in chemical(More)
Pollution attacks refer to ones where attackers modify and inject corrupted data packets into the wireless network with network coding to disrupt the decoding process. In the context of network coding, the epidemic effect of pollution attacks can degrade network throughput significantly because of the mixing nature of network coding. To address this issue,(More)
The influence of soft interlayer to composite foundation is researched through FEM analysis in the paper. From the result of study, we can see that the soft interlayer is more thick, the stress in the pile of composite foundation is more strong; the soft interlayer can amplify the pile shaft friction resistance; the law of the soft interlayer influence the(More)