Donghai Chen

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In order to overcome the disadvantage of traditional methods of fault features extraction, and realize the online and intelligent fault diagnosis, a new method of feature extraction based on the lifting wavelet packet transform was presented, with which fault feature factors were extracted from three typical running states of mine fan. The fault feature(More)
In this paper, we design a primal-dual interior-point algorithm for linear optimization. Search directions and proximity function are proposed based on a new kernel function which includes neither growth term nor barrier term. Iteration bounds both for large- and small-update methods are derived, namely, O(nlog(n/ɛ)) and $O(\sqrt n \log (n/\varepsilon ))$ .(More)
The mathematical model of isometric polygonal curve was analyzed. To predigest the construct of isometric polygonal profile, and the realization on engineering application and the favorable of NC machining being taken into account, the practical isometric polygonal curve was put forward. The mathematical model of practical isometric polygonal was analysed,(More)
Aiming at the load imbalance and poor scalability in single-tier Web server clusters, an efficient load balancing approach is proposed for constructing an N-hierarchical (multi-tier) Web server cluster. In each layer, multiple load balancers are set to receive the user requests simultaneously, and different load balancing algorithms are used to construct(More)
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