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Despite the widespread view of the brain as a large complex network, the dynamicity of the brain network over the course of a day has yet to be explored. To investigate whether the spontaneous human brain network maintains long-term stability throughout a day, we evaluated the intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC) of results from an independent(More)
Several compound-eye cameras were developed for various applications such as image-based rendering and digital refocusing [Yamamoto et al. 2004; Ng et al. 2005; Georgiev et al. 2006]. However, those systems were implemented by using fixed-focus lenses. Furthermore, by using dynamic optical devices, our system introduces the concept of Programmable Imaging(More)
This paper describes a switching formation strategy for multi-robots with velocity constraints to avoid and cross obstacles. In the strategy, a leader robot plans a safe path using the geometric obstacle avoidance control method (GOACM). By calculating new desired distances and bearing angles with the leader robot, the follower robots switch into a safe(More)
The accurate measurement of diverse displacements of structures is an important index for the evaluation of a structure's safety. In this study, a comparative analysis was conducted to determine the integrated RTK-GPS/accelerometer method that can provide the most precise structure displacement measurements. For this purpose, three methods of calculating(More)
The main purpose of this study is to develop a new Windows-based program that calculates a quality control parameter that shows the quality of Global Positioning System (GPS) observations using GPS data in a Receiver INdependent Exchange (RINEX) format. This new program, Global Positioning System Quality Control (GPSQC), allows general GPS users to easily(More)
Ten sesquiterpenes, together with 12 known compounds were isolated from leaves of Laurus nobilis L. Based on spectroscopic analyses, the 10 compounds were determined to be eudesmane lactones and their corresponding methyl esters. Most of these compounds exhibited moderate-to-significant cytotoxicity towards K562 leukemia cells. One compound had a higher(More)
Seven sesterterpene sulfates (1-7) were isolated from the tropical sponge Dysidea sp. and their inhibitory activities against isocitrate lyase (ICL) from Candida albicans were evaluated. Among the isolated natural products compound 6 and 7 were found to be strong ICL inhibitors. The isolated compounds (1-7) also showed potent antibacterial effect against(More)
This study developed a smartphone application that provides wireless communication, NRTIP client, and RTK processing features, and which can simplify the Network RTK-GPS system while reducing the required cost. A determination method for an error model in Network RTK measurements was proposed, considering both random and autocorrelation errors, to(More)