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CuAlO 2 exhibits a unique defect structure that is dependent on the synthesis route. High-temperature solid-state and low-temperature hydrothermal techniques are compared to illustrate how cation off-stoichiometry affects the electrical properties of CuAlO 2. A defect complex of Al on a Cu-site stabilized by two bound oxygen interstitials (Al Cu • • 2O i(More)
Magnesium orthovanadate crystals (< Φ 5 mm × L 55 mm) with a well-defined crystallographic orientation have been grown successfully in a four-mirror optical floating zone furnace. The crystals grow in the [010] direction. The transparent orange-brown crystals develop a predominant facet along the [20-1] during the crystal growth and cleave along the [20-1](More)
We propose to use shear waves instead of longitudinal waves in a novel scanning tomographic acoustic microscope (STAM) in which the specimens are solid. When a specimen with a shear modulus is immersed in the microscope's water bath, mode conversion takes place at the water-solid interface. The shear wave energy is detectable and can be used for image(More)
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