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In angiosperms, the endosperm provides nutrients for embryogenesis and seed germination and is the primary tissue where gene imprinting occurs. To identify the imprintome of early developing maize (Zea mays) endosperm, we performed high-throughput transcriptome sequencing of whole kernels at 0, 3, and 5 d after pollination (DAP) and endosperms at 7, 10, and(More)
Normal human colonic microvascular endothelial cells (HUCMEC) have been isolated from surgical specimens by their adherence to Ulex europaeus agglutinin bound to magnetic dynabeads that bind alpha-L-fucosyl residues on the endothelial cell membrane. Immunocytochemistry demonstrated the presence of a range of endothelial-specific markers on HUCMEC, including(More)
The paper propose a new non-linear dimensionality reduction algorithm based on locally linear embedding called supervised locally linear embedding in tensor space (SLLE/T), in which the local manifold structure within same class are preserved and the separability between different classes is enforced by maximizing distance of each point with its neighbors.(More)
SUMMARY MicroRNAs (miRNAs), a class of small regulatory RNAs, play important roles in cancer initiation, progression and therapy. MiRNAs are found to regulate diverse cancer-related processes by targeting a large set of oncogenic and tumor-suppressive genes. To establish a high-confidence reference resource for studying the miRNA-regulated target genes and(More)
BACKGROUND In flowering plants, the female gametophyte is typically a seven-celled structure with four cell types: the egg cell, the central cell, the synergid cells, and the antipodal cells. These cells perform essential functions required for double fertilization and early seed development. Differentiation of these distinct cell types likely involves(More)
—Traditional image compression methods handle vectored data to compress, but the process undermines the spacial intrinsic structures of high dimensional data. In order to overcome the shortcomings of traditional methods, we presented a novel method of color image compression. In this paper, the color images were encoded into 3 rd-order tensors (A × ×). We(More)
A high-performance configurable integer motion estimation VLSI architecture based on parallelogram data matching pattern for H.264 is proposed in this paper. Through rational design for the data flow and processing module array, the memory traffic is reduced; data reusability in vertical direction is improved. Furthermore, the number of processing element(More)
Endosperm is a product of double fertilization, and provides nutrients and signals to the embryo during seed development in flowering plants. Early stages of endosperm development are critical for the development of its storage capacity through synthesis and accumulation of starch and storage proteins. Here we report on the isolation and sequencing of mRNAs(More)
One major goal of large-scale cancer omics study is to identify molecular subtypes for more accurate cancer diagnoses and treatments. To deal with high-dimensional cancer multi-omics data, a promising strategy is to find an effective low-dimensional subspace of the original data and then cluster cancer samples in the reduced subspace. However, due to(More)
Using transgenic rice as a bioreactor for mass production of pharmaceutical proteins could potentially reduce the cost of production significantly. However, a major concern over the bioreactor transgenic rice is the risk of its unintended spreading into environment and into food or feed supplies. Here we report a mitigating method to prevent unwanted(More)