Dongfan Zhong

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The red flour beetle (Tribolium castaneum) is a major pest of stored grain and grain products and a popular model species for a variety of ecological, evolutionary, and developmental biology studies. Development of a linkage map based on reproducible and highly polymorphic molecular markers would greatly facilitate research in these disciplines. We have(More)
IV-VI semiconductor quaternary alloys lattice matched with BaF2 substrates have been grown by liquid phase ,epitaxy. X-ray diffraction analysis shows that liquid (Pbl-,~Sn,L)0.99(Sel--YLTe~L)0.01 solutions produce Pbt -+Sn,,Ser -rsTey, alloys lattice matched with the substrate when yL=60%, SS%, and 57%, and x,=20%, 40%, and 60%, respectively. These data,(More)
Laminar burning velocity is strongly dependent on mixture characteristics, e.g. initial temperature, pressure and equivalence ratio. In this work, spherically expanding laminar premixed flames, freely propagating from a spark ignition source in initially quiescent ethanol-air mixtures, have been imaged and then the laminar burning velocities were obtained(More)
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