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We present what we believe to be a novel, simple, and compact axicon-based resonator Nd:YAG laser in which a nanosecond pulsed Bessel-Gauss beam is generated directly for the first time. Using the theory of the Bessel-Gauss beam, theoretical analysis and numerical simulation are consistent with the experimental results.
A Bayer pattern image codec method based on Wyner-Ziv structure is proposed in this paper. At the encoder the pixel of Bayer pattern image is converted into four component images by means of structural separation and transformation. Three of them are transformed into frequency domain by the discrete cosine transform. We extended the Lloyd iterative(More)
A novel organic template-free strategy for generating mesoporosity in Y zeolites is reported. It is revealed that Fe(3+) functioned as unstable sites in the Fe-NaY zeolite, which promotes deferrization-dealumination, leading to enhanced formation of intra-crystalline mesopores as well as desirable interconnectivity. The mesopore-enriched zeolite exhibits a(More)
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