Dongdan Chen

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A compact, low-noise, single-frequency fiber laser by using a newly developed Yb³⁺ heavily doped single-mode phosphate glass fiber has been demonstrated. Over 400 mW stable continuous wave single transverse and longitudinal mode laser at 1.06 μm was achieved from a 0.8 cm long active fiber. The measured slope efficiency and estimated quantum efficiency of(More)
We present the demonstration of a compact linearly polarized low noise narrow-linewidth single-frequency fiber laser at 1014 nm. The compact fiber laser is based on a 5-mm-long homemade Yb(3+)-doped phosphate fiber. Over 164 mW stable continuous-wave single transverse and longitudinal mode lasing at 1014 nm has been achieved. The measured relative intensity(More)
Transparent Er3+-doped germanotellurite glass ceramics (GCs) with variable Te/Ge ratio were prepared by controllable heat-treated process. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscope (TEM) confirmed the formation of nanocrystals in glass matrix. Raman spectra were used to investigate the evolution of glass structure and photon energy.(More)
The laser performance of Er(3+)-doped tellurite fiber lasers operating at 2.7 μm due to (4)I11/2 → (4)I13/2 transition has been theoretically studied by using rate equations and propagation equations. The effects of pumping configuration and fiber length on the output power, slope efficiency, threshold, and intracavity pump and laser power distributions(More)
An all-fiber 10.9 W single-frequency one-stage linearly-polarized master-oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) laser at 1560 nm has been demonstrated. The laser linewidth is less than 3.5 kHz and the polarization-extinction ratio (PER) is greater than 24 dB. The measured signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is higher than 70 dB and the optical-to-optical conversion(More)
The purity of the synthesized orbital-angular-momentum (OAM) light in the fiber is inversely proportional to channel crosstalk level in the OAM optical fiber communication system. Here the relationship between the fiber structure and the purity is firstly demonstrated in theory. The graded-index optical fiber is proposed and designed for the OAM light(More)
We proposed a short-linear-cavity (SLC) fiber laser based on a virtual-folded-ring (VFR) resonator and a fiber Bragg grating Fabry-Perot filter. Spatial hole burning effect was reduced by retarding the polarization state of the counter-propagating light waves utilizing the VFR structure. The photon lifetime of the resonator was extended due to the(More)
The morphology of hexagonal phase NaYF4:Er(3+) nanorods synthesized by hydrothermal method changed greatly after a continuing calcination, along with a phase transformation to cubic phase. Photoluminescence (PL) spectra indicated that mid-infrared (MIR) emission was obtained in both hexagonal and cubic phase NaYF4:Er(3+) nanocrystals for the first time. And(More)
We demonstrated a kHz-linewidth single-frequency laser at 1.95 μm using the self-developed heavily Tm(3+)-doped single-mode germanate glass fiber with the net gain coefficient of 2.3 dB per centimeter. The maximum output power of the stable single longitudinal mode continuous wave laser is over 200 mW. The slope efficiency measured versus the absorbed pump(More)
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