DongSeop Lee

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A number of game strategies have been developed in past decades and used in the fields of economics, engineering, computer science, and biology due to their efficiency in solving design optimization problems. In addition, research in multiobjective and multidisciplinary design optimization has focused on developing a robust and efficient optimization method(More)
This paper presents advanced optimization techniques for Mission Path Planning (MPP) of a UAS fitted with a spore trap to detect and monitor spores and plant pathogens. The UAV MPP aims to optimise the mission path planning search and monitoring of spores and plant pathogens that may allow the agricultural sector to be more competitive and more reliable.(More)
The paper investigates two advanced Computational Intelligence Systems (CIS) for a morphing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) aerofoil/wing shape design optimisation. The first CIS uses Genetic Algorithm (GA) and the second CIS uses Hybridized GA (HGA) with the concept of Nash-Equilibrium to speed up the optimisation process. During the optimisation, Nash-Game(More)
Computational Intelligence Systems (CIS) is one of advanced softwares. CIS has been important position for solving single-objective / reverse / inverse and multi-objective design problems in engineering. The paper hybridise a CIS for optimisation with the concept of Nash-Equilibrium as an optimisation pre-conditioner to accelerate the optimisation process.(More)
The paper investigates two advanced optimisation methods for solving active flow control device shape design problem and also compares their optimisation efficiency in terms of computational cost and design quality. The first optimisation method uses Hierarchical Asynchronous Parallel Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm (HAPMOEA) and the second uses(More)
Adaptive mesh refinement is one of the most important tools in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for solving complex engineering design problems. The paper investigates two practical transonic aerofoil design optimization problems using a genetic algorithm coupled with an Euler aerodynamic analysis tool. The first problem consists in the minimization of(More)
An analysis method for slug tests performed in a partially penetrating well within a vertical cutoff wall is presented. A steady-state shape factor for evaluating hydraulic conductivity of the material within the wall was derived by applying the method of images to the previously developed analytical solution of Zlotnik et al. (2010) for an infinite(More)
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