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Serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) is a powerful tool to obtain gene expression profiles. Clustering analysis is a valuable technique for analyzing SAGE data. In this paper, we propose an adaptive clustering method for SAGE data analysis, namely, PoissonAPS. The method incorporates a novel clustering algorithm, Affinity Propagation (AP). While AP(More)
This paper presents a novel global motion estimation method based on the phase correlation of central sub-image. In this study, we consider the case that the In-Car videos are captured from the cameras placed in front of a car. The backgrounds of these In-Car videos usually vary with the moving car, which result in the inaccuracy of classical image(More)
In image analysis or vision understanding systems, the accuracy of segmentation results affects the quality of the systems seriously. The dynamic cast shadows and reflection images are ever-present fake objects in dynamic object segmentation, and they deteriorate the segmentation quality seriously. This paper presents a technique for cast shadow and(More)
Multiple sequence alignment is one of the basic techniques in bioinformatics, and it plays a vital role in structure modeling, functional site prediction, and phylogenetic analysis. In this paper, we review the methodologies and recent advances in the multiple protein sequence alignment, e.g., speeding up the calculation of distances among sequences and(More)
As modern high-throughput sequencing technologies continue to improve, there is an overwhelming amount of protein sequences un-annotated in the biomedical databases. Clustering protein sequences into homologous groups can help to annotate uncharacterized protein sequences. In this paper, we introduce an online cluster analysis method for large-scale protein(More)
A phase spectrum (PS) method is presented to identify brain functional activation areas via using the phase information of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) time series. The basic idea is that the phase at the characteristic frequency of fMRI signal is specified as brain activation index. The developed phase approach is tested and(More)
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