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We propose a streaming video system, which can be used in various system environments. This system has three features for providing real-time video delivery services in the Internet. The first is to use QoS (quality of service) control rules adapting to the system environments. The second is to improve estimation accuracy of the network conditions while a(More)
Internet Telephony grants users the power of developing their own telephony services, and the Call Processing Language (CPL) has been designed to to fulfil this target. However, this objective confronts a major obstacle known as the feature interaction problem, which describes the situation that one feature or service is violated by another in overall(More)
This paper presents personalized services (policies) specified in extended call processing language (CPL) and their mobility. With three-layered service architecture, both personalized services and their mobility for call-processing and presence are described in the session initiation protocol (SIP) environment. To provide the security for service mobility(More)
This paper presents the comparison and analysis of two approaches for providing advanced presence services in session initiation protocol (SIP) standard. One approach is investigated by the strategy group at Mitel networks, which allows a watcher to know the availability of a presentity whose subscription policies and notification policies are written in(More)
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